CKPC Site Acquisation

Corporate strategy is fundamental to an organisation’s location and effective facility management. Charles Kellett Property Consulting (CKPC) has recognised that there is now more than ever a need to provide specialist Business Unit Location Services to organisations.


Corporate location and the choice of such, represents one of the most important strategic challenges management faces. If not planned properly, organisations may find that its effectiveness and performance can be severely hindered. Profitability, market penetration, cost structure, the ability to recruit and retain talent are all issues that are affected by location.


Ultimately, location and layout lay the foundation for all business functions. CKPC’s aim is to align an organisations locational and facility requirements with corporate strategy and objectives. The practice has a strong, highly qualified skills base backed up with a depth of experience that has seen over 500 separate projects successfully completed on behalf Clients including, but not limited to the following areas:


Strategic Facility Planning and Evaluation – Spacial design and layout requirements, cost and funding issues, capital expenditure, determining what elements of business should be in what types of places to assure future alignment with business strategy;


Benchmarking – E.g. number of square metres per full time employee (FTE);


Location Change Assessment – Identifying whether a new facility or relocation makes sense from a financial and operational perspective. Can the existing facility be re engineered and structured to provide a functional workplace with a flexible tenure arrangement?


Location Selection – Site Acquisition Procedure, Rental Matrix Analysis (static), Discounted Cash flow Analysis and Projections, Comparative Analysis driven by various financial and evaluative criteria;


Transaction Management – Negotiating terms of the new lease or purchase / sale contract, flexibility issues, legal documentation and contract, lessee and lessor obligations, fitout issues;


Location Implementation – How a transition will be managed in an expansion, relocation or consolidation, appointment and coordination of the necessary consultants.


Sublease & Disposition – CKPC carefully studies a Clients business strategy and pairs this insight with its thorough local market knowledge to identify and effectively manage the disposition of excess real estate. Whether a few floors of surplus space, an entire building, or an opportunity due to a consolidation, acquisition, or relocation, CKPC’s aim is to minimize uncertainty, maximize value, and lower operating costs. The end goal is to synchronize with a Client’s objectives by developing and implementing the optimal approach in any sublease, termination, or sale of real estate premises.


Lease Administration – Facility Management issues, maintenance, Lease clause and contract interpretation, data system management, tenure obligations – lease renewals, exercising of options, rent review negotiation, lease termination negotiation.


Charles Kellett Property Consulting identifies the individual needs and opportunities of each Client allowing it to draw upon a depth of resources for whatever assistance is needed in managing the commercial, technical and cultural requirements as they relate to facility planning, expansion, transaction management, re engineering existing facilities, corporate relocation or lease administration.